6 - Hyaluronic Acid - 100 mg - 60 caps


Anti-Ageing molecule
Skin hydration
Cartilage protection
Collagen elasticity
Pill box 60 capsules
Vegan product, not tested on animals
Made in France
DLUO : 16/01/22
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Hyaluronic acid (or hyaluronate) is a natural molecule present in the body.
Its rate decreases with age, with the following consequences :
loss of elasticity,
loss of tone,
deepening of wrinkles,
drying of the skin.

It is the ultimate anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle active ingredient.
It is one of the main components of the extra-cellular matrix found in glass humours, connective tissues, dermis and epidermis.

Use :
    - increases the hydration of skin tissues
    - increases the hydration of the eye
    - lubricates cartilage
    - protects the joints
    - promotes healing

Ingredients for 2 capsules:
Filling agent: organic acacia fibre - 400 mg
Sodium Hyaluronate - 200 mg
Vegetable capsule

Your guarantees :
Purity greater than 95% guaranteed
Vegan product - not tested on animals
Ingredients without magnesium stearate (nor magnesium salts of fatty acids)
Titanium dioxide free
Pill box guaranteed phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free
Made in France

Tips for use:
2 capsules per day

Precautions for use :
Food supplement based on a substance for nutritional or physiological purposes. To be consumed with a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Comply with the daily doses indicated. Keep out of reach of young children.
Not recommended for children and adolescents.
Not recommended for pregnant women without medical advice