The laboratory is located in Angers, Maine et Loire (49) and has been manufacturing food supplements for more than 30 years.

Specialist in dietetic and pharmaceutical products, he has obtained a triple certification: ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and Bio Ecocert for the production of organic products.

In the production line control process, our laboratory carries out the following steps:
1 - Upstream: analysis of raw materials with control of regulatory compliance.
2 - In production:
    ◦ implementation of good GMP and GHP practices (audits, sample collection and control).
    ◦ traceability at all stages
    ◦ allergen management: identification, analysis and protection (waterproofing between the production of different molecules, thorough cleaning, team training)
    ◦ production control: weight, capsule sealing

3 - Finished products: sampling controls, microbiological analyses
All products are controlled, traced and stored until the batch expires
The production tool is composed of recent machines at the cutting edge of technology:
    ◦ Mixers (Swiss made and German certified): guarantee a precise dosage of formulations,
    ◦ Capsule filling machines, for the filling of powders
    ◦ Counters, for pill boxing
    ◦ Encoders, for laser marking of DLUOs and batch numbers
    ◦ The labellers,
Production takes place in 9 rooms of more than 200 m2 and in strict compliance with HACCP standards (controlled atmosphere zone, resin floors, isothermal panels, airlock and integrated laundry for complete control of staff movement flows)