1- Mélatonin 1 mg - 60 caps


Chronic or transient insomnia
Pill pack 60 capsules
Vegan product, not tested on animals
Made in France
DLUO : 24/04/22
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Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the human body. It is also called the sleep hormone because it allows the pineal gland to inform the brain of light and dark cycles. Melatonin production is at its peak between 2H and 4H in the morning and becomes practically nil in the middle of the day.

Use :
- chronic insomnia
- transient insomnia
- time differences
- anxiety

In France, over-the-counter, the maximum permitted dosage is 1 mg per unit of intake (1 capsule or 1 tablet for example). Beyond that, there are 2 mg dosages available exclusively by prescription.
You will find on the web unscrupulous sellers who offer you even higher dosages (up to 3 mg per intake unit).

- drowsiness
- dry mouth
- constipation
- weight gain

At Soenhs, we have chosen to offer you Melatonin in 1 mg dosage in a 300 mg capsule.

Ingredients for 1 capsule :
Maltodextrin : 299 mg (filling agent derived from corn starch by hydrolysis, guaranteed without monosodium glutamate)
Melatonin : 1 mg
Vegetable capsule

Your guarantees :
Vegan product - not tested on animals
Ingredients without magnesium stearate (nor magnesium salts of fatty acids)
No titanium dioxide
Pill box guaranteed phthalate-free and bisphenol A
Made in France

Advice for use :
To regain regular sleep: 1 capsule before bedtime
To combat the effects of jet lag: The beneficial effect is obtained by consuming at least 0.5mg just before bedtime on the 1st day of travel and the few days following the day of arrival at destination.

Precautions for use :
Food supplement based on a substance for nutritional or physiological purposes. To be consumed with a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Comply with the daily doses indicated. Keep out of reach of young children.