4 - Taurine - 500 mg - caps


Physical and intellectual stimulant
Nervous activity regulator
Detoxifying agent
Pill pack 60 capsules
Vegan product, not tested on animals
Made in France
DLUO : 29/05/22
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Taurine is an amino acid derivative naturally produced by the body, acting as a neuro-transmitter.
It is used by the intestine to absorb fat, thus helping to reduce the effects of toxins. It is necessary for the development of the nervous system. It is present in large quantities in the brain, retina and muscles.

Use :
La Taurine can be used :
- as a physical and intellectual stimulant
- in the treatment of heart failure
- as part of treatment against high blood pressure
- as a regulator of nerve activity
- for its detoxifying and antioxidant effects

Ingredients for 3 capsules :
Taurine 1500 mg
Vegetable capsule

Your guarantees:
Vegan product - not tested on animals
Ingredients without magnesium stearate (nor magnesium salts of fatty acids)
No titanium dioxide
Guaranteed phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free pillbox
Made in France

Counsel of use :
2 to 3 capsules per day

Precautions for use :
Food supplement based on a substance for nutritional or physiological purposes. Comply with the indicated daily doses.