3 - L-Carnitine - 500 mg - 60 caps


Weight loss
Heart failure
Physical performance
Diabetic neuropathy
Pillar 60 capsules
Vegan product, not tested on animals
Made in France
DLUO : 06/03/22
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Carnitine or L-carnitine (for levocarnitine) is an amino acid naturally synthesized by the liver, kidneys and brain.
It is mainly present in striated muscles and heart cells. It plays a major role in the transport of lipids and long-chain fatty acids.

Use :
Carnitine can be used for:
- treatment of excess cholesterol
- cardiovascular diseases
- weight loss
- fatigue control
- physical performance

Ingredients for 5 capsules :
Carnitine L-tartrate : 2500 mg (including 1700 mg carnitine)
Vegetable capsule

Your guarantees :
Vegan product - not tested on animals
Ingredients without magnesium stearate (nor magnesium salts of fatty acids)
No titanium dioxide
Guaranteed phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free pillbox
Made in France

Directions for use :
5 capsules per day maximum

Precautions for use :
Food supplement based on a substance for nutritional or physiological purposes. To be consumed with a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.
Comply with the indicated daily doses. Not recommended for pregnant women and people with epilepsy